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Fall Trees and fall activities (+ Fall TREE SALE)


Good Autumn to you all!

The time has come to talk about trees. We are starting to see some wonderful color. Thankfully we got a little moisture- this helps the color. However, the cool night temps just encourage faster leaf we may be in for a "fast forward" kind of fall color season!

burgundy belle red maple resized 600(photo courtesy of monrovia)

Fall trees: the best choices for our area

Red Maple cultivar: ‘Autumn Blaze’- cross between silver maple (fast growing, lots of seeds, softer wood) and red maple (drought tolerant, great color) .

Red Maples: ‘October Glory’, ‘Red Sunset’, ‘Pacific Sunset’. Unusual suspect: ‘Burgundy Belle’- great dark red color, holds leaves and very dark green leaves in summer. Great rounded canopy!

 describe the image

Sugar Maples:  identified by their golden yellow, vivid orange color and tall rounded shape. They need enriched, worked garden soil- don’t plant these in a field and expect great results. You must break up the clay pretty far down or pick a well-drained spot! Some of my favorites- ‘Green Mountain’, thick leathery leaves that resist scorch, adapts well to our soil and is a great color! 

Honeylocust: 40-50’ H x W. Seedless, thornless varieties like “Sunburst”, “Shademaster”, Skyline. Fine leaves, native cultivar loves drought. Light shade…. Golden yellow fall color.

Red Oak: a truly giant tree, 60’ x 60’ W. Can grow quickly with adequate moisture. It is one of the only oaks that will color truly red. Even then, it varies by soil type. Very hard wood and good branch structure in adulthood.

Autumn Purple/ Autumn Applause Ash: Wonderful purple, maroon color in a dense upright oval shape. This is a superior ornamental tree that is facing a possible total eradication! I’m not encouraging planting these trees right now due to Emerald Ash Borer but enjoy the ones we have. They are beautiful, healthy and a wonderful front yard and street tree!

The Lawrence Landscape Tree Farm is having a Large Tree Sale (that's trees that top 3 1/2"-5" in diameter). We need to get them out of our fields! Hop over to our Tree Farm page and look at the details and some of our stock: HERE.


Tree Health this fall: water! Use a gator bag: $15-$20, 1 per each tree. Fill with water and it gives the right amount of water to the root zone of the tree. If you think your sprinkler is watering your trees and shrubs 1” per week, use a handy rain gauge to tell! You’ll be able to see how much rain we get weekly and know if you need to water.

Stop fertilizing. Trees and shrubs need time to harden off. Cutting living shrubs right now encourages growth- which will not have time harden off before freeze. [You can always prune away dead growth]

Favorite fall shrubs:

Hamamelis- ‘Jalena’ Witch Hazel. Amazing fall color, leaf texture and branch structure. This is a part shade, understory mini-tree. It blooms in February/ March when there is snow on the ground! Plant this….

 witch hazel resized 600


 Fall tips for containers: Add winterberry, firethorn or pyracantha to your containers. Also, think about gourds: add them to large pots, put them in boxes on your porch or your railings!

pyracantha resized 600


Don't forget: a great Fall experience Oct 6-7th! The Kaw Valley Farm Tour: pick apples, have a farm breakfast, explore sheep, alpaca, goat, chickens and bee farming, learn about how we grow our trees at the tree farm and lots lots more! Visit the website for more info!

5659176 orig resized 600The kids will loooooove it!


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