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Backflow Prevention Testing

An irrigation system helps keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. But did you know it can also contaminate your property’s drinking water? That’s because, under low-pressure conditions, chemicals and microbes on the lawn can flow back through your plumbing or into the water mains. Backflow preventers ensure the water that enters your property’s pipelines doesn’t return to the municipal water supply.

Chapter 19, Article 7 of the City of Lawrence’s Cross Connection Control Program requires all landscape irrigation systems connected to city water to have an approved backflow assembly installed. In addition, the devices must be tested annually by a registered certified tester before August 1.

Lawrence Landscape is a registered certified backflow assembly tester that can test your irrigation system to ensure dirty water is not infiltrating the drinking water supply.


The Importance of Backflow Testing

A backflow preventer keeps water clean and safe for your property’s occupants and others who share the same public water system. Backflow testing is essential to ensuring your backflow system adequately protects your water supply. Because if it stops operating correctly, contaminated water, bacteria, and other hazardous substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste can contaminate the water supply. Not only is this dangerous for people drinking the contaminated water, but it can also be expensive to correct.

What Happens During a Backflow Test

As long as no repairs or maintenance are required, most backflow tests take less than 30 minutes to complete. When testing the device, we:

  1. Turn off the downstream shut-off valve.
  2. Wait a few minutes.
  3. Hook up test kit hoses to test the pressure in the system.

Basically, the tester looks for areas where the pressure isn’t what it should be.

If the backflow test fails, the problem can often be solved with a backflow repair kit. Once repaired, the backflow is again tested, and if there’s still a problem, additional parts might be required.

Schedule Backflow Testing Services With Lawrence Landscape

Annual inspections of your irrigation system’s backflow device ensure that the valve is working correctly and the main water supply is not contaminated. Lawrence Landscape is the area’s local expert on backflow testing that ensures your system operates as it should be to keep your water protected. Our registered certified testers are trained in the proper testing processes to meet the city of Lawrence’s backflow regulations.

If you’re in need of backflow testing, contact Lawrence Landscape online or call us at 785-843-4370 to schedule an appointment.