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Making “Freshly Cut Grass” Memories

Posted on: April 25, 2017


One of the most nostalgic scents of all time is freshly cut grass. It takes you back to the playful days of your childhood, those simple moments of ease, whether that be napping in a hammock or walking with nature. Or maybe it reminds you of the best-looking lawn you’ve ever seen!

For many, having a well-kept lawn is a source of pride. A healthy lawn creates outdoor space for your family to enjoy, increasing the quality of life at your home. Now that spring is here, we thought it would be helpful to share some important tips about mowing.

Why Mowing Matters

Consistent mowing is one of the most important factors that impacts the health of your lawn. Why is it so crucial, you may ask?

  • First and foremost, you’ll have stronger turf : Strong, healthy lawns are those that are properly tended. Our team recommends mowing weekly or bi-weekly depending on growth patterns and weather in your area.
  • Second, you’ll achieve even growth: Regular mowing will help you avoid an uneven, patchy lawn. Consistent mowing at a uniform level will improve the overall distribution and absorption of nutrients and resources that come from the sun and water.
  • Third, your lawn will recover faster from natural nuisances: Your lawn is like any other living responsibility – it requires attention and care to ensure it stays healthy. Well-maintained yards recovery more quickly after inclement weather and are more resistant to pests, disease and weeds.

How to Mow Correctly

Mows are like haircuts: there are good ones and bad ones. You don’t just want to chop everything off as low as you can, hoping to delay your next mow. You want your lawn to look good, full and luscious. Here are some pro tips on how to achieve that.

  • Have your mower settings on high. Here in Kansas, most of the grass that we see growing in yards should be kept near an optimal height of about 3 inches. That said, you don’t want to let your grass grow really high and then cut it really short. When this happens, grass plants are forced to re-grow their blades rather than deepen the root systems, making your lawn more susceptible to weeds.
  • Mow as needed – no more, no less. Grass grows depending on climate. In spring and fall, you may need to mow weekly. In summer, you may only need to mow every other week.
  • Always mow a dry yard. Not only will wet clippings stress and clog your mower, cutting wet grass can result in an uneven cut. For best results, try to mow before it rains.
  • Keep your blades sharp. The sharper the blade, the cleaner the cut. If your blades are dull, the mower will tear the grass blades rather than cut them and you’ll end up with turf that is grayish-brown in color.

Let Lawrence Landscape Help You Make Those Great ‘Fresh Cut Grass’ Memories

Mowing consistently and correctly can help you achieve the strong, luscious lawn you want. We understand that not everyone has the time to do yard work, nor do they particularly enjoy it. That’s why the team of experts at Lawrence Landscape is here – we want to make your life easier!

Whether you’re in need of mowing services, weed treatments, or spring cleans up , let our team of lawn care experts do the work for you this year. Contact our lawn care maintenance team today to get started!