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The Basics of Winter Pruning

Posted on: November 22, 2017


As the seasons change here in Kansas, so does our to-do list in the yard. Aside from shoveling snow, one of the most common (and important) things to tend to is winter pruning of deciduous trees and certain varieties of shrubs. Keeping in mind that the maintenance and care of individual plants and trees may vary, here are some reasons why winter pruning in is beneficial to your landscape.

The Benefits of Winter Pruning in Kansas

  • Pruning in winter can improve the safety around you home. By this time of year, most (if not all) of the leaves have fallen. This makes it is easier to pinpoint problematic areas on your trees and shrubs. Take this opportunity to cut back any broken or sagging limbs that could pose a threat to your property. The last thing you need is a limb falling onto your roof (or you) to set off the new year.
  • Pruning the right plants at the right time promotes healthy regrowth. Pruning lets sunlight and air into the center of the tree or shrub, which in turn will help promote health when the growing season comes back around.
  • Pruning in winter will reduce stress of pruning on the plants. In our area, deciduous plants are dormant throughout winter, so cutting them back them during the colder months will significantly reduce the stress associated with pruning.
  • Prune while insects and disease are not active. Fresh wounds on trees are susceptible to being attacked by insects and disease during warmer months, so taking advantage of the colder temperatures will work in favor of your tree’s health.

There are always exceptions to the rule.

It’s important to remember that pruning guidelines vary based on the variety and type of tree or shrub in question, as well as local climates. With so many varieties of plants out there, we can’t go into specifics on each of them in this post.

If you have questions about how and when to prune your particular trees and shrubs, the best thing you can do is reach out to a professional. Our team is full of plant lovers and horticulturists, and we’re always happy to help answer your questions.

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