True or False? Fall Is a Great Time to Plant

Posted on: September 8, 2017

For many of us, fall is the time we start thinking about a major change in weather. The days get shorter, the leaves start to fall from the trees, and all those vibrant spring and summer hues turn to shades of brown, orange, and red. This is about the time many of our customers ask us, “is it truethat fall is a great time to plant things like trees and shrubs?” The answer is yes!

Why Fall Is a Great Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs in Kansas

Fall is not the only time to plant trees and shrubs, but it is truly one of the best. Planting during this season allows plants to establish strong root systems before winter settles in. Here are a few of the environmental conditions that make this possible:

  • Warm soil temperatures:When summer turns to fall, the soil is warm and still in great condition for growing young tree roots. The warm soil helps plants adapt better to their new growing conditions; therefore, the majority of root growth for plants happens in late summer, early fall.
  • Ideal air temperature and water requirements:Compared to summer, fall’s mild weather and increased rainfall benefits young trees by helping them adapt quickly to their new growing conditions. While we can experience less rainfall in the fall than in the spring, this is actually a good thing! As we get closer to the winter months, plants will require less water because they will go dormant. They move water and nutrients down to their root zone to further concentrate on root development going into winter. Nevertheless, water applications are weather dependent, and new plantings may occasionally need to be hand watered at times if there’s not enough precipitation throughout the winter months.
  • Less room for insects and diseases:As air temperatures decrease, insects and diseases that target and feed on plant material will become less active. This is due to colder temperatures that are less favored for movement and development than in warmer temperatures. Also, some insects and diseases are nearing the end of their life cycle while others are preparing to overwinter; therefore, young trees planted in the cool fall weather are less likely to be attacked by insects and diseases before winter hits.

Let’s get started!

By planting in the fall, young trees and shrubs are able to create a more adapted root system before the chilly conditions of the winter months hit. These healthy root systems will allow the plants to thrive next spring, and help them further endure the humidity, wind, and heat of the next summer.

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