Trained Lawn Care Professionals

Since we opened our business, we have provided lawn mowing services. In fact, most of our mowing crew has over 10 years of experience. Their trained eyes are able to look out for a variety of issues, including:
  • Pests
  • Weeds
  • Fertility
  • Watering needs
  • Plant pruning
We care for the yards of single-family homes, homeowners' associations, and commercial and industrial properties. If you see a property in the Lawrence area with mow stripes that are so crisp and precise that it seems perfectly gridded, there's a big chance that it's a property that we maintain.

Pruning, Trimming, And Edging

Do you know when to prune early blooming shrubs like lilacs, viburnums and forsythia so you don’t miss a season of flowering? Thankfully our experienced plant maintenance crew does. (The best time is right after they are done blooming, so the next year they will bloom on “old wood”. Are your shrubs trying to take over your house? Can’t see out your windows because the bushes block your view? Lawrence Landscape can solve these problems, as well as topdressing mulch, redefining bed edges and applying weed prevention, which is best done in February and March.
trimming bushes

Seasonal Cleanup Services

In Lawrence  we get to enjoy all four seasons! What we may not enjoy is the messy aftermath. Let Lawrence Landscape take care of your Spring and Fall clean up needs. We will blow the leaves out of the beds for quick, easy removal, cut back perennials, do structural pruning on your shrubs, redefine bed edges, apply weed prevention, and top-dress your mulch beds. Think of it as a preparation for renewing your landscape! All of the sudden it looks refreshed and ready for the upcoming season!
Mulch beds

Sign Up For Year-Round Care

Lawrence Landscape offers comprehensive annual maintenance contracts for your lawn and landscape needs. Imagine having your outside services on autopilot! No matter where in the world you are or what you are doing, your spring clean up is taking place, the lawn food is being applied, the irrigation system is turned on and the back flow prevention has been tested. The lawn is being mowed. You have nothing to worry about. Lawrence Landscape provides all season service in a single monthly payment. It’s like having a personalized HOA!!!
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"In addition to the great service taking care of our lawn during the lovely (and sometimes hot!) days of spring, summer, and fall, I want to tell you how grateful we are for the snow removal during the winter.
The Kappa house sits atop a block-long steep hill on Gower Place that is not a city-serviced street. Most companies wouldn't even think of taking on this nearly impossible task!
The parking lot is full of sorority girls' cars which sometimes literally slid down the hill with no driver. However, the men of Lawrence Landscape are here early each snowy morning or night clearing sidewalks so the girls can get to and from class and their cars.
Then the trucks arrive to plow and then salt and sand so we can escape from our ice kingdom because we can go nowhere until then. You are our heroes! Thank you.”

- Molly M., Housemom at Kappa Kappa Gamma

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