Lawn Care and Maintenance Services in Lawrence, Kansas

Expert Weeding, Watering, Pest Control & More

Having a landscape designed for you is a great way to spruce up your property, but depending on what kind of landscape you want, you will probably have to maintain it. Depending on how large your landscape is or what kind you have, it can take hours to do on your own. We offer mowing services, lawn treatment, and many other services to keep your property beautiful. Call in Lawrence Landscape for lawn care and maintenance services to take away the hassle.

With over three decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain a lawn. We can design a maintenance plan that is totally custom to your lawn, ensuring it looks just as beautiful as it did the day it was planted.

Don’t trust your lawn care to anyone else. For the best lawn maintenance services in Lawrence, contact us online!

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Our Expert Lawncare Services in Lawrence

We have provided professional lawn mowing services since we opened our doors in 1988. In fact, our mowing service in Lawrence has experts with over 10 years of experience. Their trained eyes are able to look out for a variety of issues, including:

We care for the yards of single-family homes, homeowners’ associations, and commercial and industrial properties. Lawrence Landscape truly cares about each property we manage, providing only the best products and tools in order to get the job done.

Contact or call Lawrence Landscape at (785) 843-4370 to schedule mowing services in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding areas today!

Lawn Care Maintenance in Lawrence, Kansas

Lawn Maintenance Services in Lawrence, KS

Pruning, Trimming & Edging

Do you know when to prune early-blooming shrubs like lilacs, viburnums, and forsythia, so you don’t miss a season of flowering? Are your shrubs trying to take over your house? Can’t see out your windows because the bushes block your view? Lawrence Landscape can solve these problems, as well as top-dress mulch, redefine bed edges, and apply weed prevention methods.

Seasonal Cleanup Services

In Kansas, we get to enjoy all four seasons, which often leaves us with a messy aftermath as the seasons change. Let Lawrence Landscape take care of your spring and fall cleanup needs! We will blow the leaves out of the beds for quick, easy removal. We’ll cut back perennials, do structural pruning on your shrubs, redefine bed edges, apply weed prevention, and top-dress your mulch beds.

Think of it as a preparation for renewing your landscape! Once we’re done, your lawn will look refreshed and ready for the upcoming season!

Schedule your professional pruning, trimming, or general landscape service in Lawrence today! Contact us online to speak with one of our lawn care and maintenance professionals. 

Professional Landscaping in Lawrence, KS

Lawrence Landscape—Expert Residential Lawncare Services

Schedule Your Lawncare Service for Lawrence, KS & Surrounding Areas

Take the headache out of remembering to maintain your landscape! Lawrence Landscape offers annual maintenance contracts for residential and commercial properties. We will figure out what your lawn care and maintenance needs are and only charge you for the things you ask for! We always arrive on time and make sure your landscape looks impressive when we leave. You never have to worry about lawn care services at your Lawrence property again. Lawrence Landscape provides all season service in a single monthly payment.

Contact us online to sign up for lawn care maintenance services in the Lawrence area and learn how we can improve your lawn in Lawrence, Baldwin City, Eudora, Midland, and surrounding areas!