Our Selection of Rock, Gravel & Mulch for Landscaping in Lawrence, KS

No landscaping work looks charming without the rock, stone, and mulch that are integral to landscapes. Have a look at the different shapes and colors of rock, stones, gravel, and mulch. Feel free to call Lawrence Landscape at (785) 843-4370 today for details. Still better, visit our Tree Farm location to have a look.


Tumbled Cottonwood
Edging/ Wall Stone

Rocky Mountain
Rose Flagstone

Maple Hill
Rustic Edging

Black Hills
Rustic Flagstone

6 Inch Ledge Rock

Decorative Gravel

Pea Gravel

Washed Gravel

Kansas River Rock

Colorado River Rock 4-8

Colorado Rick Rock 2-4

Colorado River Rock 1.5


Double Ground Hardwood

Cocoa Brown


1 Cu Yd Mulch Covers

100 sq ft 3″ Deep

150 sq ft 2″ Deep

300 sq ft 1″ Deep