Visit Our Tree Farm in Lecompton, KS

Tree & Shrub Farm in Lawrence, KS

When you’re trying to select trees and shrubs for the landscaping of your Lecompton home, looking through catalogs can get overwhelming. Searching online to see which plants will grow in our climate can feel like an endless process as well. See what Kansas has to offer and choose from high quality plants that are already thriving by visiting Lawrence Landscape’s tree farm.

With over 7,000 trees and shrubs, we take the guesswork out of finding the right plants. You’ll be able to see and touch them, which allows you to judge their quality for yourself before you buy. From ornamental trees to privacy shrubs, our wide selection is just waiting for you to come browse! After you’ve chosen your perfect plants, take advantage of our tree installation and drop-off services to have them safely delivered and planted in your Lecompton yard.

For a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and plants near Lecompton, come visit our tree farm. Over 7,000 trees and shrubs are waiting! Call our landscapers at (785) 423-5861 or contact us online with questions.

Benefits of Visiting Our Tree Farm

Lawrence Landscape started our field-growing operation in 2001 to supply quality trees for our landscape installation projects and for residents who needed a year-round selection of ornamental trees, shade trees, evergreens, and more. Our tree farm is popular for anyone looking to add already growing trees to their Midland, Topeka, or Lecompton area landscape.

  • We have a large selection – Come browse over 7,000 trees and shrubs!
  • Quality is assured – You can view the quality of our plants for yourself.
  • Our selection is for this climate – We grow only trees and shrubs that are for this area.
  • Livability is assured – You know that our trees and shrubs will do well in our local climate, because they are already thriving in it. Trees grown in a lighter soil mix or in a protected environment do not perform as well as the trees locally grown in heavier soils and our weather.
  • Choose from multiple sizes – The deciduous shade and ornamental trees that we harvest range from a 2’ to 4’ trunk diameter and our conifers range from 4’ to 8’.
  • Choose between convenience or a wider selection – We harvest during the dormant season and put the trees in bins for your selection, or we welcome you to come out and tag your own in the field!
  • Customer service – Our friendly staff can help you pick out the best plant life for your landscape and base it upon the maintenance each tree or shrub might need. You just don’t get that on the internet!

You can’t go wrong by picking out a tree for your Lecompton home that has been proven to thrive in your own climate! Come browse our tree farm and allow yourself to see, feel, and truly visualize our trees and shrubs in your yard.

Our Popular Tree Farm Services in Lecompton

Since opening our tree farm in 2001, we have taken special care to supply the local community with plants, shrubs, and trees they will enjoy for all occasions. Aside from offering every kind of tree or shrub that you could want to fulfill your landscaping vision, our tree farm also provides the following services:

  • Mulch
  • Gravel
  • Delivery to your home
  • Shrub planting services
  • Tree planting services

For tree planting services, mulch, gravel, or tree and shrub delivery in Lecompton, call the friendly landscapers at Lawrence Landscape! Give us a call at (785) 423-5861 or contact us online!

Get Directions to The Farm

Whether you are coming to our tree farm from Midland or Overland Park, getting here is easy. Come visit us to find the perfect tree for you! The Tree Farm is located at 1193 North 1250 Road in Lawrence, KS. When you see Lawrence Landscape’s lime green gates and the trees, you’re there! Please note that there is no longer access from K10.

Our Tree Farm Service Area

Our tree farm is located in Lawrence, Kansas and is specially curated to supply only trees and shrubs that are known to perform well in the local climate. Due to our wide selection of over 7,000 trees and shrubs, we are a popular tree farm for residents all around the Lawrence, Kansas area, such as Baldwin City, Eudora, Gardner, LecomptonMidland, Olathe, Ottawa, Perry, and Tonganoxie.

Why Choose Lawrence Landscape for Trees & Shrubs in Lecompton, KS?

At Lawrence Landscape, we don’t just see a blank canvas when we look at your yard. We see outdoor parties, picnics, water gun fights, Easter egg hunts, and quality time spent on the porch. Your yard is where you spend your outdoor time, whether it’s playing ball, gardening, or reading a book. Your landscaping should create an environment that welcomes your friends and family while reflecting your lifestyle.

Because we know how important your yard is, we use the highest quality products and the latest technology to provide what you need in order to achieve your vision. As a customer-oriented landscaping company, we started our tree farm in 2001 to fulfill the needs of Kansas residents for a wide selection of high-quality plants that could live in our climate. Our trees and shrubs are grown to last for years of beauty and enjoyment, so you can create the yard that your family will love.

Visit our tree farm in Lawrence for a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and plants for your Lecompton home. For more information, call our landscapers at (785) 423-5861 or contact us online!